Yaesu FTM-3207DR and FT-2980R - Yaesu announced two new radios

Yaesu announced two new radios are coming to the market! – Yaesu FTM-3207DR and FT-2980R

Yaesu FTM-3207DR and FT-2980R will be available late summer / early fall!

Yaesu FT-2980R 80W FM 2M Mobile Transceiver As its model name suggests, the new FT-2980R arrives with the solid feature configuration and mechanical toughness of the ever popular FT-2900R – with a superior output power that is upgraded to 80 Watts!

With the new FT-2980R, four output power settings – 80W, 30W, 10W and 5W – are selectable, allowing each user to choose the power they want for their operating style and situations. A Massive Heatsink guarantees a solid 80 Watts of RF Power with no cooling fan needed.

Thanks to a loud 3 Watts of audio output, the operator can enjoy reception – even in noisy environments.

Ever since the introduction of the popular FTM-3200DR, radio amateurs have been asking for a UHF version. The new FTM-3207DR shares the same core feature set as the FTM-3200DR and is identical in appearance, while now offering UHF operation – on the 430 MHz band.

The new FTM-3207DR provides high output power, with incremental power levels from 5 to 55 Watts. Thanks to a heavyduty heat sink that includes our exclusive FACC (Funnel Air-Convention Conductor) Wind Tunnel, the design of this new mobile ensures stable and reliable performance for long-lasting communications.

The Front-Facing Speaker delivers 3 Watts of abundant and crystal clear audio; engineered for stress-free and enjoyable communications – even in noisy environments. As with other YAESU C4FM transceivers, the FTM-3207DR incorporates the Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function -allowing all operators to enjoy seamless communications between conventional FM analog and C4FM digital users.

Naturally, the enhanced Digital Group Monitor (GM) function and DG-ID/DP-ID operation are also available. Utilizing the DG-ID/DP-ID, operators can configure the radio for group communications in the UHF band according to their operational preferences and requirements.

Yaesu FT-2900R Overview and Review

This is an excellent base station radio for 2m. I use it on 5w and hit all of the repeaters in my area with full quieting. It's works well on TX/RX and my antenna is located in a closet. Overall, it's just as good as the FT-2800M. It's a solid workhorse.

*The VFO/Volume/Squelch knobs have nice tension.
*Easy to operate and program.
*RF Squelch function in menu (great for keeping out traffic light noise at intersections)

Yaesu FT-2900R Ham Radio - Unboxing

Yaesu FT-2900R Ham Radio - Unboxing

Yaesu ft-2900r frequency modification mars mod

Yaesu ft-2900r frequency modification mars mod

So I was browsing the internet and learned of a really simple modification to the yeasu ft2900r mobile 2m transceiver. The radio comes stock with the abilty to receive from 136-174 MHz but will only transmit on the 2m ham band. Performing this mod, according to what I read, unlocks it for tx on I believe the entire rx range.. I was wondering if anyone on here ever heard of or performed this mod.. and yes I have legal reasons to do so..

Yaesu FT-2900R Programming Tutorial

Yaesu FT-2900R Programming Tutorial

0:54 Simplex:
1. Power on the radio
2. Switch to VFO mode by pressing the "MW D/MR" button (you will see "VFO" in the bottom right corner of the display.
3. Enter in a Frequency (146.520)
4. Press and hold "MW D/MR" for 1-second Blinking number will appear showing the next available memory slot. (You have 5 seconds to make the selection)
5. Press the "MW D/MR" button to return to Memory Mode.

2:24 Repeater Programming:
1. Again go to VFO by pressing the “MW D/MR” button
2. Enter Repeater Frequency
3. Press and hold the “SET/MHz” button for 1 second
4. Rotate VFO knob to Menu item #49 SQL. TYP
5. Press the “SET/MHz” button
6 Rotate VFO knob until you see “Tone”
7. Press and hold the “SET/MHz” button for 1 second to lock in the Tone
8. To pick the proper PL Tone press and hold the “SET/MHz” button for 1 second
9. Turn the knob to menu #52 TN. Frq
10. Press the “SET/MHz” button
11. Choose needed PL Tone
12. Press the “SET/MHz” button
13. Press and hold “MW D/MR” button for 1 second
14. Blinking Channel will appear for next available Channel spot.
15. Have to choose within 5 seconds.
16. To go back to memory mode, press the “MW D/MR” button

4:17 Alpha/Numeric Label
1. Bring up channel you wish to label
2. Press and hold “SET/MHz” for 1 second
3. Rotate dial to Menu #30 NM SET
4. Press “SET/MHz” To bring up first character location
5. Rotate the dial to select the needed character(s)
6. Press the “A/N / Low” button to set the character and move cursor to the right
7. Press “DW / REV” to backspace one spot.
8. Repeat until Alpha Numeric tag is done (6 Character max)
9. Press the “Set / MHz” button momentarily to save the alphanumeric tag
10. Press and hold the “SET/MHz” button for 1 second to exit to normal operation

Reviews Summary for Yaesu FT-2900R

Reviews Summary for Yaesu FT-2900R

I have (2) of the FT-2900R transceivers for 2m FM operation. One is being used in my truck as a mobile station and one is being used at my home QTH as a base 2m radio. In my truck, the radio is paired with a 1/4 wave Tram dual-band magnet mount antenna. At my base station, the radio is connected via an antenna switch to a j-pole under the roof of my attic and a 5-element Elk log-periodic beam antenna (also under roof). I am able to hit repeaters within a 50 to 60 mile radius with my base station setup.

I highly recommend this radio with a 4.5 rating to anyone. My operational experience with the FT-2900R is as follows:

First, everything about the build quality of the radio says "rugged". The one piece body only has the face / display screwed on. The rest of the body is a large heat sink. The radio is moderate in size...not as small as some other brands of 2m radios, but it doesn't strike you as too large for mobile use. The radio is fairly heavy and just feels rugged. Also, the radio comes with two screw-on feet for base station use to elevate the front of the radio. I just installed these on both of my units; they do not interfere with the mobile mounting bracket.